Student Organization Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

7 Policies Student Organizations Need to Know

Student Organization Misconduct Procedures

Guide to Funding, Spending and Submitting a Payment Request


Financial & Travel Guide

Travel Request Quick Reference

Payment Requests

Payment Request Quick Reference

Approve A Payment Request

Fundraising Other Forms of Revenue

How to Open a Credit Union Account

Event Requests & Planning

Event Requests Quick Reference

Planning Your Organization’s Communication Strategy

Day of Event: Roles & Timeline

Event Checklist & Timeline

Event Description Worksheet

Event Evaluation

Event Marketing Checklist

Marketing Guidelines & Resources

Marketing Quick Reference

Risk Management & Waivers

Risk Management Guide

Driver Waiver

Participation Waiver

When to Use a Waiver

Starting a New Student Organization

How to Start a New Student Organization at USFSM

Creating a Constitution: Guidelines & Template