The Office of Student Engagement is excited to announce the Bullpen: Student Engagement Fair, which will be held every August and will give students a chance to check out all the amazing student organiszations at USFSM. 

There will be free food, games and music!

In order to make this event happen, Student Organizations are required to participate and will need to RSVP via OrgSync. Each organization will have their own table at the event and are encouraged to bring prizes, giveaways, posters, handbills, etc. 

The Bullpen: Student Engagement Fair is for all USFSM Student Organizations to:

USFSM Student Organizations and Clubs are what brings this campus to life. So we need your clubs to come up with fun, entertaining and silly ways to show other USFSM students what it’s like to be involved!

Examples include:

For more information, questions or concerns, please contact the Coordinator of Student Organizations & Leadership.