Step 1: Obtain your NetID  and make sure you can log in to your USF email account. You will need your U#. Be sure to start checking your USF email regularly to stay current with all communications being sent by the University
Step 2:  Submit the required immunization information. Do not miss this step! You will not be able to register for courses until your required immunization forms have been submitted.
Step 3: Submit Your Admissions Deposit by May 1
Step 4: Register for your Orientation Session by clicking on the link below.
Step 5: Attend your Orientation. Give yourself about half an hour prior to the start of your session to check in. Plan to spend the day on campus getting to know USFSM and meeting with your advisor in order to plan your first semester schedule.
Step 6: All first year students are pre-registered for their first semester of classes by their academic advisor, Briana Byers. It is imperative that you complete the Registration Preference form so that we can ensure that you are scheduled for classes that best fit your schedule. You will have an opportunity to make revisions to your schedule at your orientation session. If you have any questions please contact Briana at