At USFSM, our science and mathematics classes are about more than beakers and numbers. An innovative, student-centered environment is at the heart of the College of Science & Mathematics (CSM). Our students hone their ability to communicate complex concepts through team research and learning that focuses on practical examples.

USFSM gives you the skills to communicate complex concepts with clarity and precision, preparing you for diverse career fields, as well as graduate or professional schools.

Degrees & Programs

Whether you are dreaming of a career in engineering or you are hoping to attend med school someday, USFSM’s College of Science & Mathematics is here to provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experiences you need to succeed.

Degrees and Programs

Mote Marine Laboratory

The USFSM Biology program collaborates with the world-renowned Mote Marine Laboratory, allowing students to be immersed in ongoing research and community engagement in the marine sciences. Our students also have the opportunity to collaborate one-on-one with scientists through USFSM’s internship programs with Mote, a Sarasota-based research facility.

Mote Marine

Faculty & Staff

From developmental psychology to molecular biology and pure mathematics, the dedicated and talented CSM faculty represent a vast array of academic fields and professional backgrounds. Resident and adjunct faculty provide a rigorous yet supportive atmosphere where students can flourish according to their own personal goals and professional plans.

USFSM CSM Faculty & Staff

Student Spotlights

Meet a few students in the College of Science & Mathematics and learn why they chose USFSM for their academic and professional success.

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